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Unpacking My Bags

by admin
Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020.

By now you should have unpacked your bags.

Or maybe I should ask the question;  have you unpacked your bags?

I learned a lot of lessons from last year.

There is a lot to unpack for me.

I am not done yet.

I remember the really good times.

The times I felt hurt by the people I trusted.

I packed up my bags in 2019.

I threw the hurt away and chose to buy new items added to the good…

These are the items;

  • Self love
  • Growth and strength
  • Daily Thanksgiving 
  • Forgiveness
  • Vision for Growth

The above and so much more…

I believe lessons will be learned this new year and I am ready to embrace changes.

What I will do, is fight for my happiness and self growth.

I will not allow toxic people pull me down..

I will trust that God has me all the time.

I don’t have full control over the things that will happen but I will be intentional about the way I choose to live….



Ehimwenma Valerie Obaseki-Briggs




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