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Mission and Vision

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Dictionary definition of Vision- a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination

Vision- Your goals, what you’ll like to accomplish….  


Today I ask you what’s your vision?
What are your goals?
What steps will you take to ensure they are accomplished?
Have you walked on the street of life aimlessly?
Did you have a vision that you didn’t stick to?


Mission and Vision


Remember, your vision could change but at least you’ll have some direction

Five years ago, I was on Journey with a set plan. I wrote down what I wanted and I prayed to God.

Three practical examples of My Visions 5 years ago,

-To complete my Computer Engineering masters degree
-To finally work as a software developer and an IT consultant
– To publish some books on my write-ups

Vision 1-To complete my masters degree.

The school required me to take six core courses
Do important presentations
Pass some test and exams
Complete my research
Defend my thesis I had to be on on different missions at different times in different stages.
1. To attend and pass my courses
2. To prepare for my presentations and make them
3. To get related articles required for my thesis and study hard with research
4. To come up with my idea.
5. To defend my thesis I did all that and my goals were met because I had a clear vision.
I didn’t drop out but I stuck in hard times and made it out.

You must note that I also had a mission, to help facilitate the process.

While on the journey, I went through difficult times and hurdles but I had to fight my way through things.

Vision 2- To work as a software developer and an IT Consultant

1.Apply for a job
2. Go to interviews
3. Start working

I had to prepare and be on different missions to get a job.

Before completing my masters degree, I started applying to different companies..

I had different missions
1. To prepare a clear and concise resume
2. To write a good cover letter
3. To apply for related jobs
4. To prepare for an interview
5. To get an offer letter
6. To become a developer by learning as much on the job.

When trying to become a software engineer, leaving school wasn’t enough and having a masters degree was not enough.

I was told no several times for different reasons but because I had held on to a vision, I did everything possible.
I went on different missions.
Each time I didn’t get a job, I went home with a lesson to learn.
I learnt more about the software industry.
I was given several projects and assignments.
I learned from working on the interview questions and assignments.
I soon learned that the journey to getting a job is also a journey to get more information in the industry.
I ended up starting my own Software Development Business before getting a stable job as a Devops Engineer. Now I ask, what’s your passion?
What do you love to do?
Do you have a plan? If your answer is no, then you need a plan as soon as possible!
You need to learn to persevere because seasons change fast and time is not our friend. Write down your vision…
Get ready for your mission!

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